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Since we broke happily with our city life to live fully in the countryside, many changes have taken place, among them and one of the most important is related to our ways of feeding our family and “conscious consumerism”. 

We have always taken care of what we eat and this care became more and more important to us with the upbringing of our daughters. In addition, we are lovers of good cuisine, culturally "merging" our palates of Belgian, Colombian and Ecuadorian origin. We are fascinated to spend hours preparing rich little things and enjoying them as a family. 

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It all begins with bread! 

This adventure began long before we took our turn to the countryside and bread is certainly the forerunner of how we live and what we do today. We are crazed bread makers of European tradition and bread is always on our table. We make our bread at home with top quality ingredients and we have expanded our variety and our baking techniques. We enjoy sharing the path we have traveled (through classes we teach) at our artisanal and homemade bakery workshop "Au Blé-Taller and Pan Artesanal”. 


A perfect combination! 

Living in the countryside has opened our imagination, creativity and energies to undertake new paths and new concepts of what it means to call our products "homemade, artisanal and conscious". We harvest our organic vegetables, our country eggs, our goat's milk and honey from our bees, and for now, our project is versatile and continues to grow day after day at its own pace and in its own way. Our new experiences have been fruitful and have enriched us in ways we could not have imagined. Who could have believed that we have become cheese makers in the French tradition, as well as artisanal bakers! That said, we definitely have a perfect combination!

Our products

Our products follow clear principles in harmony with our lifestyle and what we firmly believe in.


We work with a quality and environmentally friendly raw material. 

Milk products that are goat or cow's milk are from animals free to graze and highly spoiled by their owners. 

The flours we use in the breads of our healthy line are organic and/or grown on small chacras from peasant families in our province of Imbabura.

We support small local producers or family ventures, such as ours. Consistency comes out of our realities. Many of us are fighting for our spaces, it is essential to support each other among producers who have the same principles of life. 

We place deep emphasis on the packaging of our products: eco-friendly and recyclable. We prefer glass jars so we enter with the customer in an "empty delivery and we return it full" relationship as well as paper wrappers for our baking products. 

Our production processes are 100% artisanal, without additives or preservatives. Each product is unique, for example, in summer goat's milk has another flavor due to its diet and is reflected in our final products, texture and flavor. Our breads will have subtle differences depending on the provenance of the flours and their grinding. 

Packaging in tune with what we do

Keep in mind that what we offer you is the same as what we eat at home... It's our quality guarantee for you.

The farm´s products

Healthy bread

Semi-integral yogurt bread with

a touch of rye.

It is the ideal bread for the whole family, characterized by having a soft crumb thanks to our star ingredient: the natural yogurt made by us. In addition, it is a very healthy bread with its mixture of 3 flours: white flour, whole wheat flour, as well as a touch of rye. It will provide you with fiber and energy to start your day, it is the ideal bread to accompany your breakfasts. 

*This bread is made with a direct method i.e. with a carefully calculated amount of yeast that allows a long fermentation time and a very pleasant result.

Value: 3,75usd

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el rumbo - pan semi integral con semilla

Semi-integral seed bread

A rustic bread with a more robust flavor which will accompany a wide variety of food of your choice or simply with our natural goat cheese. This tasty bread contains a mixture of wholemeal and white flour (50%-50%) flavored with toasted seeds of sesame and flax seed. These seeds are authentic natural concentrates of vitamins, mineral salts and fatty acids that play a key role in decreasing cardiovascular risk factors. 

Remember to savor your slice, chewing well every bite so that all the benefits of these seeds are released. 

*This bread is made with sourdough and a small supply of yeast, so it has very little acidity and a rich wheat flavor.  Suitable for vegans.

Value: 3,50usd

100% sourdough peasant bread with a touch of wholemeal flour

This sourdough bread has a penetrating touch and a pleasant and balanced acidity, in addition to a soft sweetness thanks to the organic panela honey that we add. A balanced bread that our daughters adore. We advise you with a handcrafted jam of your choice, and as it is very versatile, you can also accompany it with our sesame goat's cheese.  

*This long-fermentation bread is made only with wheat sourdough. Suitable for vegans.

Value: 3,50usd

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Delicatessen bread

pan de chocolate.jpeg

Handmade chocolate bread 65%

This bun is an improved version of traditional Vienna bread, with a rich Ecuadorian chocolate handcrafted at 65%. At every bite you will find a tasty piece of chocolate that will awaken all your senses. This little bun is wonderful with a coffee or tea and it will brighten your table at breakfast or snack time!  

*This bread is made with sourdough and a small supply of yeast.


Value: 1,25usd

How to keep your bread? We recommend keeping your bread in a cotton cloth in a dry place and after a few days, roast or place it in the warm oven for a few minutes before consuming it. Remember that our breads have no preservatives and if you keep it properly it will keep without problem.

Dairy products

Derived from goat's milk

Starting in September, we are waiting for the goats to give birth…

Fresh goat cheese

A very soft fresh cheese at both texture and taste level. Enjoy it directly on a slice of our bread (it's crazy with a little honey), salad, pizza, or spaghetti sauces. Let your imagination run wild, this cheese is very versatile and the possibilities infinite. You will find it in several versions: natural, sesame and three herbs, as well as in two sizes.  



Natural: small:  1.6usd / large:  3.20usd

Sesame seeds / 3 herbs (thyme, oregano and rosemary): small: 1.75usd / large: 3,50usd 

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How to keep your cheese? 

We recommend keeping your fresh cheese in the fridge in the least cold part, which is usually in the vegetable drawer. Remember that the fresh cheese will remain fresh for a couple of days, then gradually change, starting its natural ripening process: it will dry out and take a more pronounced flavor. 

quesos de cabra 2.jpeg

All our goat cheeses are made respecting the art of French craft cheeses. 

Much attention is given to the different stages of the process: milk quality, rennet/ferment, molding, brine and maturation depending on the result we want to obtain.


Natural whole goat's milk yogurt

In Ecuador, goat's milk is known primarily as a remedy, but did you know it helps strengthen the immune system and is recognized as easier to digest than cow's milk? 

Although it has almost the same amount of fat as cow's milk, its fatty acids are shorter which improves its assimilation by the body. Our whole goat yogurt has a very mild taste and a lighter texture than cow yogurt. Enjoy it with our rich granola or fruit. It is very versatile, and as such, you can use it as an ingredient of a rich salad dressing or dips. 

Our yogurt has no preservatives or artificial flavor, it is 100% natural without added sugar.

Value: 500ml: 3.75usd (includes returnable packaging)

Derived from Cow's milk 

Whole natural cow milk yogurt

We have a daughter who for nothing in the world wants to see a product derived from goat's milk, while the other, fascinates her... because since we are all different, we propose a natural whole yogurt of cow's milk. This yogurt is ideal to use alongside your favorite fruit in smoothie, with our delicious granola, with fruit or as you usually like! 

Our yogurt has no preservatives or artificial flavor, it is 100% natural without added sugar.

Value: 1 liter: 4.50usd (includes returnable packaging) 

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granola 2.jpeg

Whole Greek yogurt natural from cow's milk

Creamy and tasty - the two words that characterize our natural Greek yogurt. Undoubtedly these characteristics will conquer your palate. In addition, at the health level, it has its advantages compared to natural cow yogurt, among others, it has a higher concentration of proteins, close to twice as much as classic yogurt. 

Alone, it's delicious, but it's a perfect dessert next to a few strawberries or a little honey. Then it's in your hands and your imagination to do magic with it. 

Our yogurt has no preservatives or artificial flavor, it is 100% natural without added sugar.

 Value: 500ml: 4.50usd (includes returnable packaging) 

Yogur de granola

How to keep your yogurt... from the time of purchase and tightly closed, your yogurt will be kept perfectly 3 weeks in the fridge. Once open, we advise you to consume it over the course of the next week. 

Other delights 

granola 1.jpeg

Whole oatmeal granola

We are lovers of granola, and we make ours very crisp with whole oats, and you will love to have it on your breakfast table too!  

We toast our granola mixed with organic sugarcane honey, grated coconut and sesame seeds, flax seed and pumpkin seeds... A very nutritious granola that you will accompany to your liking with raisins, fresh or dried fruit, and of course it combines wonderfully with our Classic or Natural Greek yogurts!

How to keep your granola... keep it in a dry place and in an airtight jar so you don't lose any of your crispy crunchy! 

Value: 400gr. = 4,00usd 

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